The fight for the Facebook news feed is on

Facebook plans to change how its news feed prioritizes news and updates. High quality news stories and new comments on old status updates will get a boost. The problem is that there lies a lot of interpretation between what is high quality news and what isn’t. To avoid that Facebook will decide on it’s own what high quality news is, publishers and users wan to at least make their voices heard in the matter. Therefore, some interested parties are making an open list of thing Facebook should be taken into considering.
Some examples: – shares by email, – page rank, – time on page,…
Anything you’d like to see? Add it to the list. Facebook could be listing.


I think it’s great that Facebook is improving it’s news feed. I don’t think it’s a good idea to make an open list and let everyone decide what is ‘high qualitiy’ news, because a lot of people think a picture of Justin Bieber is news. I think Facebook should seperate pictures and amusement from news, and than we can talk about a real news feed.

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