Journalism and coding

The thing that really interested me while reading this article about coding was first and foremost that it was written by a journalism student such as myself. Meaning that it would definitely provide a modern look on coding.
But most of all it was this bit that really caught my eye:

I met with the managing editor of a popular technology website in New York City. When she asked me if I knew any other languages, I told her I was conversational in French.
“No, no,” she smiled. “Computer languages. HTML, Java, CSS, Python. Those guys.”

While studying, we all focus heavily on learning languages; because a journalist should definitely be multilingual. However, the focus never falls on computer language. As someone who aspires to work in radio, this isn’t my first idea either. The thing is, a journalist shouldn’t be afraid to expand beyond one field of expertise.
I’ll be honest in saying that I’m not looking forward to learning every piece of computer code there is out there, but a bit of basic knowledge … I think that’s a must. It’s always better to say “I know a little bit” than “I don’t know anything”. It shows that you’re keen on learning, and have at least tried expanding your vision.

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