The first ‘socially-shareable data journalism’ site is launched by Ampp3d

It’s  a first of it’s kind, a mobile-first a website that allows socially driven data to be shared containing sections which: 

include politics, energy, charity, health, technology and regular features such as “chart of the day”.

The new site offers a chance for its users to explore the news agenda of the day whilst simultaneously delivering a variety of topics that people are interested in. The site proclaims that it will offer content that is already popular on social media. The editor of the sites intentions was to create something that can be personal to you as well as something that is just accurate and fact-based:

“With Ampp3d I want to aim for coverage of stories that taps into that same thing that allows people to share something that’s accurate and fact-based and also has an angle to share something about yourself.”

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