Citizen journalism, it has changed the world.

In this video Brett Solomon explains how citizen journalism changed our way of bringing the news and it even changed the world.

In times where everybody can make a video it’s not only important to use this power, but also to use it in the right way.

As always every source has to be checked and double checked, even more so with citizen journalism. Online we don’t see one truth, we see hundreds, thousands of truths. We decide what is true and what is not.

Before the digital age we trusted in journalists to tell us the truth. In some ways they have betrayed that trust, willingly or unwillingly they didn’t tell us the truth. That was the case in the first and second iraq war. Images were manipulated, and we bought it.

The challenge nowadays will be to detect true citizen journalism from propaganda. In Belgium we have a saying, “stropers zijn de beste boswachters”, “poachers are the best foresters”. Everybody can make news, but it can also be manipulated. When people see manipulated images they will get the wrong idea about what news is.

Journalists have to be the online foresters, they have to preserve the integrity of the news.


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