Google glass, a new frontier for journalism?

Google glass, when you first look at it, it looks weird. It looks like a 70’s sci-fi movie prop. It’s not quite fashionable, that’s the least you can say. Enough with the esthetics, what can google glass do for you, a modern journalist?

It can help you in many ways. It can be an helpful compact research tool. Imagine you have to cover Barcelona-Chelsea, it’s the Champions league final. Messi scores three times, afterwards you want to interview him. you want to know if someone has ever scored three times in a champions league final, just ask google glass and seconds later it will project the answer.

When your interview is done you can post a tweet with some video footage seconds after your last question. Maybe a live-stream is possible? For a journalist the options are endless.

How does it work?


In my opinion point-of-view video journalism has a bright future. It’s a pure form of bringing a genuine story to life. Google glass can help create a certain realism because people tend to forget the camera is with them, because it is integrated in a pair of glasses.

I don’t see the google glass becoming a big hit, like the smartphone. But in some branches it will be, and journalism could be one of them.


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