Data driven journalism a five step course!

How can we journalists distinguish ourselves from the rest of the interactive world? How can we make a difference with what we tweet, post or blog? 

Have no fear data journalism is here! Data is all around us, just a couple of clicks away. The internet is pandora’s box, we just need to know how to open it. I’ve come across this website

This website is a good start if you want to do research through data. You can follow a five week online course to get you started in data journalism. Did i mention the course is free?

Learn to ‘scrape’ the web, and start making money. I think data journalism has a bright future. Dealing with a tsunami of data is not for the faint hearted so the demand for easy accessible, clear and well resourced data is going to increase.

In a collapsing media job market, data journalism might just be the next big thing to get ahead of the game. 

It made me curious so i’m going to digg deeper.



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